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Arizona People Criminally Charged by U.S. Corporation

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The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading, quote by: David Bailey.

America is a great country, and it does many things well.   However, within the State of Arizona, a vast blind spot exists, facilitating the ability for Arizona people facing criminal charges brought by a United States Corporation, the State Bar of Arizona, which has no legal authority to do so. 

Neither State nor the Federal government have given the State Bar of Arizona jurisdiction and authority to criminally charge, investigate or prosecute any people. 

Yet, October 15, 2015, corporate entity State Bar of Arizona filed a false criminal charge against one if its own Arizona lawyers, Jeffrey D. Moffatt.  

What the State Bar of Arizona, did not realize was, that Moffatt would legally fight back against their false "sui generis" criminal charge, turning his sites on the State Bar of Arizona and its legal authority. 
Moffatt directed his own supportive in-house investigators, after facing a false criminal charge himself as an innocent Citizen, within the United States.    

Moffatt says, had the criminal charge been legitimately adopted as a law within Arizona, it would have been a lot harder to fight a false criminal charge from behind bars.  

Moffatt went on to further say, thank GOD for my team of investigators who began stifling through hundreds of documents, burning the midnight oil with research, talking with other people injured by the Arizona Bar and even speaking to government officials who would only speak off the record.   

In disbelief Moffatt and his team of investigators discovered, the State Bar of Arizona’s dirty little well-kept secret, its corporate status, with no legal authority to criminally charge any persons, including, Moffatt.

Furthermore Moffatt Law Firm verified the State Bar of Arizona never filed the required paperwork to be considered a quasi-governmental entity. 

Moffatt explained, in April 1988, the U.S. Department of Treasury – Internal Revenue Service only granted the State Bar of Arizona authorization to operate its business as a “Business League Trade Association” – Corporation, with a 501 (c)(6) Tax Exempt status.

Recall when the NFL gave up its Tax Exempt Status as a 501(c)(6) and Time Magazine published an article entitled, “Why NFL Wants to Pay Taxes” explaining the NFL’s reasons for doing so, visit

Time explained the “The NFL announced Tuesday that it’s voluntarily relinquishing its tax-exempt status” and here’s what you need to know about the move… The NFL has historically filed as a 501 (c)(6) non-profit, which provides tax-exemptions for “business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, boards of trade, and professional football leagues.”…

Similar to the NFL, the State Bar of Arizona should relinquish “its Tax-Exempt status,” because it has exceeded its jurisdiction and authority in conducting its intentionally deceptive public scheme, claiming jurisdiction and authority to investigate, criminally charge and prosecute persons. 

The State Bar of Arizona even imposed its own ethical rules (policy-guidelines), not adopted by statutory criminal law within Arizona, upon unsuspecting Arizona lawyers. 

In fact United States District Court Honorable Judge Campbell, while seated at the District Court of Arizona, stated in a court record that the State Bar was in fact not a State court, and at best an administrative agency.

If the State Bar of Arizona were in fact a governmental-affiliated State agency of Arizona, it would have been given the powers to act like a law enforcement agency with the authority to initiate charges against persons either criminally or civilly, with the accused being given the Constitutional right to challenge evidence.  Instead the State  Bar of Arizona, operates using a process referred to as sui generis, officially called a class to its own, but is in fact a make it up as you go purported legal system. 

Moffatt concluded, throughout his firm’s discovery it turns out that Arizonians along with Arizona Lawyers have been duped through a cleverly crafted intentional public deception scheme to believe the State Bar of Arizona can investigate and criminally charge people (Arizona Lawyers).    

This fraudulent public deception scheme is now exposed for what it is and revealing the individuals, that have spearheaded and implemented this systemic public deception scheme.  

And on August 14, 2017, attorney Jeffrey Moffatt filed a $10 million Civil Lawsuit Complaint against the State of Arizona, State Bar of Arizona and Chief Justice Bales for violation of his State and Federal Constitutional Rights, as a Citizen, due to the false criminal charge and Arizona’s “unconstitutionally seated judge,” on the Arizona Supreme Court bench, among other issues.  

Click on the below Link to read more about Arizona’s public corruption.  References to the State Bar of Arizona can be found at pages: 5, 11, 13, 17, 18, 19, 25, 34, 35, 37, 38, 40, 41, 44, 48, 53 & 64.


  1. It is a crime to simulate doe process. That charge has been used against renegade citizen groups who convene fake courts to "try" judges and other state's actors.

  2. Sorry .... "simulate due process".

  3. Thank you for your comment above. Also I am not the grammar police, I understood exactly what you were saying!

  4. It is shocking to find out the State Bar of Arizona was without legal authority prosecuting people, how could that happen in the United States?

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.

      I ask myself, "how did something like this happen in the proud U.S.A?"

  5. I just have ONE QUESTION?


    1. Of course your question is not directed to me but: no amount of fraud is legal or lawful. Failure to prevent it has lead us to where we are with the current political party today, that is strangling in corruption.

    2. Wow, Jodie I love your comment so on target.

      However, I must say no political party is at fault, what I see "we the sovereign people" have forgotten we are in control and must not tolerate public corruption by a single person, entity or political party.

      Please help to spread the word on the above issue. Your voices are most powerful!

      Thanks again, Jodie!

  6. I am in tears, because we are fighting existence on two fronts: the Illegal justice system and exposing institutional racism. Thank you so much, because I have always contended that nothing will ever change for us in this country unless we have lawyers dedicated to exposing and tearing down those illegal walls. Such an extensive and formative piece.

    1. Jodi, I have cried many days myself wondering what has happened to the America, I grew up in.

      Jodi you said: “unless we have lawyers dedicated to exposing and tearing down those illegal walls," …

      My response: Remember lawyers will always need support from the "sovereign people," because most politicians are do nothing politicians; most politicians have sold out America and its Citizen’s too corporations;” most politicians are bought by corporations; and most politicians do not even invest a single one ($1.00) dollar bill towards their own campaign or should I say most politicians don’t even invest a single dollar into the district they desire to represent!

      Jodi, thank you again for your eloquent words said above!

  7. My so called driving rights have been suspended to many years because of so called BAR certified attorneys and government official that it ither refuse to put up a Old Glory flag [WITHOUT GOLD FRINGE] Yet NONE todate have ever called that injustice forward.

    Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom raises a China flag over City Hall in San Francisco and now he runs for Governor?

    Commissioners in Florida do the pledge of allegiance to Satan and Allah?

    NO country should be permitted to act this ignorant with impunity or immunity.

    1. Judges here in Wisconsin get new mortgages offered to them by Wells Fargo while they're sitting on the bench evicting people and giving the criminal banks "free houses".

    2. And THEN the Office of Lawyer Regulation suspends my attorney because she is "costing these banks a lot of money while forestalling the INEVITABLE FORECLOSURE". We're a lien state. No way, Jose! It's a crime against property rights.

    3. Thank you for your comments above. Please accept my apology for the delayed response.

      FYI- Did you know that most Bar Associations that regulate Lawyers, are not in fact political subdivisions of a State and rather they are nothing more than corporate entities?


    FYI - Click on the link above to read about – “Where Corporations are Getting Taxpayer Assistance Across the United States”

  9. Those men and women in the military & militias, many of them mums and dads, have paid a terrible price to stop tyranny & intimidation like we see in these courts and government complexes for what amounts to be a shocking travesty of injustice that we see todate, not only to me and others just like me and including you all.
    Tyranny dosnt stop if we continually allow complacency to those that have NO respect for our Oath [WITHOUT GOLD FRINGE] & Our way of life.

    Perhaps Jerry Brown expects we the people to plead with a Illegal MS13 member to take Americans to there doctor appointments & to the store. They now have more Rights to drive under AB60 signed by The So Called Governor Jerry Brown.

    There's a representative government for ya!!!!

    Please keep in mind what was conveyed in the age of enlightenment:
    Didn't Hobbs say something about when law becomes destructive, that law become null and void in leviathan?

    I'd expect this kind of treatment from Satan not my own Government.

    I hope that you understand what the issues are that I've tried to presented to you via message everyone.

    May God Bless.
    One Country.
    One Flag.
    Under God.
    Without Mental Reservation.

    Please send me you verbal support.
    No cash needed.

    1. Get that Gold Fringe of my flag.

    1. Commissioner's in Florida Do The Pledge Of Allegiance to Satan and Allah.

    May God Bless You Star and Jeff.

    1. To my fellow Patriot!

      Thank you so much for your eloquently said comments, above. Much apologies in my delayed response!

  10. I found the website when searching for "Laws in US" and found that this blog is informative and useful for me. Thank you for sharing such an inovative idea.

    1. Mr. Carteer.

      Thank you for your above comments.

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