Monday, October 31, 2016

Political Prostitutes or Political Whores...

Political Prostitutes or Political Whores, only answer to Corporations and not "We the American People."   

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Jonathon Ervin 2016 California State Senate Candidate

       Did you know #Jonathon #Ervin California State Senate Candidate is also a registered "Active Voter" in the State of Michigan?

                             "Real Talk-Real Facts"

      Ervin's:   Michigan Active Voter ID#1435869570

      Is Ervin "Ballot Box Stuffing" again, both in California and Michigan Elections?

      See definition to "Ballot Box Stuffing"

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Monday, October 24, 2016

"Yes" VOTE for Juan Carillo and "NO" Vote to Sandy Eneix- Corrales

Palmdale Worst listed: "Sandy Eneix-Corrales as Palmdales Worst."
          Sorry to say, I must concur with Palmdales Worst and several other individuals, that Sandy Eneix-Corrales aka Sandra Kay Eneix-Corrales, is one of Palmdale's Worst.

        PLEASE REMEMBER - During Sandy's 2013 (PSD) Debate, one of her debate replies was the following: "feeding children two year old outdated food is not an issue."  

          Such a Debate reply, by Sandy  comes from the mouth of a person who could care less about protecting our precious children (PSD) Students and her displayed debate reply proved, Sandy Corrales is only motivated by her own selfish agendas-selfish gains and not humanitarian efforts to protect or put our children-(PSD) students and community first!
           Now in the defense of our children-(PSD) students, not a single person ever deserves a "second chance" to abuse a child or any  child[ren]. 

            More importantly not a single individual ever deserves a second chance for failure to protect our children (PSD) students, even with a nominal moral mindset of condoning and feeding two (2) year old outdated school lunches!


         Juan Carillo would not accept,  (condone) or fail to protect our children (PSD) Students from being fed two-year old outdated school lunches, because Juan is in fact a concerned and caring parent himself, who would uphold the law to protect "all" children and our Palmdale Community.
          Thus, throughout Juan Carillo's advanced education with having a Master's Public Administration Degree, Juan has been taught how to administrate a school board and manage businesses similar to administrating a city.

             SMART VOTERS  - Vote "Yes" for Juan Carillo and
"NO" to Sandy Enenix-Corrales,
because collective members of the Palmdale community have now said there will NEVER be another second chance for any governmental employees' failure to protect any child[ren] including PSD Students; and there is absolutely "NO" second chance, that "Concerned Citizen's of Palmdale," will now allow Sandy to breach her  legal duty a second time, by failing to now protect our Palmdale community, like when she failed to protect (PSD) Students from being fed two-year old outdated school lunches. 
      Consequently, to feed any of our children (PSD) Students two-year old outdated lunches, is in fact another case of child abuse not tolerable in our Palmdale Community, yet Corrales condoned such actions during a 2013 Debate by saying, "feeding children two year old outdated food is not an issue."  

        From the Palmdale Moffatt Family, "Jeffrey & Star Moffatt" we give our proud Endorsement, and votes to Juan Carillo.  

       We also encourage each of you the Smart Voters, to do the same with casting your early votes by mail or at the Polls on November 8, 2016, for Juan Carillo.  

        Failure to vote for Juan Carillo, all our children (PSD) students and our proud Palmdale community, will be at a paramount public safety risk, if you choose in error by voting for Sandy Enenix-Corrales aka Sandy Corrales.

         Smart Voters, you have now been brought up to speed, about Sandy's past neglectful actions with protecting our children, (PSD) students  and including little Gabriel.   If Sandy can't even protect our children, while attending school, what makes you think Sandy  as she likes to be called,  will even protect our City of Palmdale and Taxpayers. 

          Above in dedication to Gabriel Fernandez former child of the (PSD)  school system and student himself; may you rest in forever peace, precious angel!  For it took you, precious angel losing your life for an entire community, to now learn, we must never give any second chances for child abuse.

      "Real Talk-Real Facts," about why to vote "NO" towards Sandy Corrales for Palmdale City Council 2016.

         In closing, Jeffrey & Star Moffatt, suggest you, to please mark your ballot box for Juan Carillo, because Juan will continue to uphold  his legal duty with protecting all children, even when Juan takes his new seat as our next Palmdale City Councilman. 

        Juan will put our Palmdale community children and city  first, before his own personal agendas!  

       Praise GOD for the City of Palmdale's new beginning, towards  a societal healing, change in 2016 leadership city council and all due you the Smart Voters, with your "YES" vote for Mr. Juan Carillo!


    The Palmdale Moffatt Family "Jeffrey & Star Moffatt" 

P.S. Thank you Smart Voters, for your time in reading the above! 


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