Friday, May 26, 2017


No one and not even a "corrupt judge" will pierce our righteousness, because the snakes head will eventually be chopped off  and justice will be served!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Palmdale California Mayor James Ledford Victim of "Political Fishiness?"

Do you smell “Political Fishiness” against Palmdale City Mayor Ledford?

The political fishiness, smells like James Ledford / City of Palmdale is under a subliminal political hit job, by someone or some person[s], who would just love to take over our awesome City of Palmdale!

At this point, it is so important, that each and every person within the City of Palmdale, show support towards our City of Palmdale and James Ledford, because every person is innocent until proven guilty.

However, when political hit jobs happens, the "evildoers" try and make it appear through various news media outlets (including fake news media outlets), that you are guilty from the onset. However, it is the other way around that one is always innocent until proven guilty by a court of law and GOD! 

Last time I checked, James Ledford and others have not been stripped of their Citizenship as Americans and deserve to be treated with equal protection and due processes.

Stand hand-to-hand with James Ledford, because Ledford does not deserve to be treated like a criminal, when the purported matter at issue, has not even worked its way through a court of law.

With the above said, it is a dam shame that someone or some persons are trying to use their political influences within the County DA, in attempts to try and destroy a person (James Ledford) and our City, due to grid, in attempts to try and take over our proud City of Palmdale!

James Ledford you have been added to a "Prayer List," because many of your Supporters hope you will not have to suffer long, with wearing the Shoes of Injustice!”