Sunday, November 27, 2016


Click on the arrow above or copy and paste the You Tube below Link, into your Browser,then click enter to view:

to see Minions goggling Arizona Judge William J. O’Neil, who does not have valid "Oath of Office."... Also read below:

Do you agree, Judge O’Neil’s Orders, Decisions and Rulings should be deemed "Null and Void," against those O'Neil prosecutes?

With the Exception of those attorneys found guilty by a court of record of actually committing crimes.  

If you agree Judge O'Neil must be Impeached, please sign and share the Petition, to have Judge William J. O’Neil, Impeached.  

FYI, public awareness and education: try Googling a query term “Courts not of Record,” and you will see our U.S. Constitutional rights as American Citizens, are being slowly eroded, with the start of various U.S. Courts or should I say, "Courts not of Record!

U.S. Citizens stand for something or you stand for nothing!

    a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” – Thomas Jefferson

    a  law is unjust, every man, woman or young adult, must stand in unity to disobey it and as proud American Citizen’s, we are obligated to resist and disobey it.”  We the People, must take back America, she is unfortunately temporarily gone." -Star Moffatt   

Your truly, 

Star Moffatt

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Anti-Trump Protests are taking place throughout our Precious Nation called America!

       I cry out to our Nation and many people protesting, have you not been taught that one can dislike who has become President Elect, meaning "Trump." However, maintaining RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY should be paramount. 

       THE VIOLENCE isn’t it so unpatriotic to resort outwardly "disrespect" with a newly President Elect.

       As "True Americans” you WERE taught to appreciate the Freedoms of what our country was founded upon.

       Do you not remember your first ten "Bill of Rights," embedded so deeply within the U.S. Constitution that defines you as an American?

         Have you forgotten the first ten "Bill of Rights" is an integral part of our everyday life!

       The same "Bill of Rights" so embedded within me at the onset of early elementary school age, and if were not so embedded within me, my eyes and mind could not identify and witness prosecutorial misconduct.

         The same type of prosecutorial misconduct, that we too are victimized by nothing more than  societal "High Jacking Justice," that produces systemic injustices,  guaranteed lack of due processes and unequal protections, so very un-American.

       The same "Bill of Rights" so embedded within me, and if I were not to remember said Bill of Rights, I could not assist or lead in preventing our government from imposing excessive taxation's. 


        More importantly, the same "Bill of Rights" so embedded in me, that if I were not to remember said Bill of Rights, then how could I assist in advocating for disabled children.

        On this present date and age, if the same "Bill of Rights" were not so embedded within me, then I  could not assist or lead any peaceful reminders to our said government, first ten "Bill of Rights" belongs to us "We the People," not they the government.

       Protestors, if you feel so strongly in opposition to "Trump," then take a peaceful court protest, maybe to impeach "Trump," for future actions, should he show evidence of shortcomings. 

     To take a protest on American streets,  does not grant any procedural or substantive due processes, but may lead to the loss of your own freedom, which defies logic.

     The tearing up of our country, defacing our proud United States Flag, destruction to police vehicles,  does nothing more, than permeate continued hatred and disrespect.

      Conclusion, our country was founded upon a belief and structure of GOD, and submission to authority.  

      I caution you protestors, please be aware our currently seated president Barack Obama, can declare internal conflict on American soil and deem a National Emergency, to  translate into Marshal Law, imposing  curfew between 8 or 10pm, upon us all.

       My fellow American friends, retreat with your Protests of internal anger against what GOD and the majority people, who destined our next Presidential (King) Leader in authority.  We need to allow the authority over this so proud U.S.A. Nation, "TRUMP," to lead and be given a sliver of a chance, so we can move our Country forward!

      Do remember when showing we are divided rather than united, those moles that live among us, we may subject ourselves with vulnerability, to those Terrorist moles who are living among us! 

      Protestors, I urge you to Retreat, if you in fact define yourself as a "True American, and take-up the cause for societal healing as “GOD’s” American People.  

      At this time, "If we ever forget that we are One Nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under." - Ronald Reagan

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Friday, November 11, 2016


 Congratulations to  the "Moffatt's" endorsed candidates: Kristina Hong for the Antelope Valley Hospital Board
and Juan Carillo
who also won his prospective City of Palmdale Council seat!  

 Congratulations to Kristina Hong and Juan Carillo. Now it is time to move the AV Hospital, our proud community City of Palmdale forward with innovative and tenacious leadership.


Jeffrey & Star Moffatt  

Sunday, November 6, 2016


NOVEMBER 8, 2016 

 "YES" Vote for Scott Wilk State Senate Candidate, Senate District Twenty-One (21), on November 8, 2016, Tuesday.

"NO" Vote to Jonathon Ervin - Let's not forget a historic moment  that took  place by Ervin and his "Team," who rigged the CA Delegate Caucus Nominee Election.


January 30, 2016

          Copy Link below, paste into your Browser and then hit your enter key to read about Ervin's "Pay to Play Scheme" by rigging a Senate Delegate Caucus Nominee Election on, January 30, 2016.

        WHY    vote for Scott Wilk: Wilk has not exhibited a cheater mentality of rigging any election, just to win a political seat, in comparison to Ervin-(Cheater).  

         Two final points: (1).  Willie Henderson a concerned Voter, read what Mr. Henderson had to say about Ervin, in pertinent part: "...Candidate for State Senate...didn't pay child support for his...son... Kern County Case No. S1501DA789390."

           The evidence above, speaks for itself that Ervin was in fact ordered by Kern County Family Law Court, to pay child support, through a "Judgment Order." 

              (2).  At least with "Scott Wilk" Candidate for State Senate, there isn't any surfaced evidence that Wilk has failed to financially support any of his children or neglected their well being.  

               As such, Wilk would not neglect our Golden State or the future Citizen's, he is expected to soon serve.

My Conscious Vote at this Time
"Scott Wilk!"

Family and Friends

Do the same, Vote  Scott Wilk on Nov 8, 2016, for California State Senate, (SD 21)!  

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