Monday, April 16, 2018

White Supremacist attacked me - arrested by Lancaster, Sheriff’s Division…

For Immediate Release 

White Supremacist on April 10, 2018, Tuesday, assaulted me; committed assault and battery against my husband, was arrested by the Lancaster, Sheriff’s Division in Lancaster California.

Kudo’s to the Lancaster Sheriff’s with an estimated response time in 3-5 minutes, after I placed my initial call for help at (661) 948-8466, back on April 10!

My assailant the “White Supremacists” used racial slurs, threatened me with grave physical harm and words not worth repeating, here. 

Now in the heat of the moment, my beloved husband reacted and came to my rescue. One thing led to another with a physical altercation that keeps replaying in my head, like a bad movie.  

A scary moment for me, which caught me totally off guard, that racism reared its ugly head against me and to see, that my husband Jeffrey Moffatt’s life could have been taken before my own eyes, in a split moment of time.   On the other hand, thank goodness my husband is a Martial Arts Trained Fighter, who has had over a 1000 plus fights throughout his life; and knows how to defend himself, protect his wife and family. 

In the end, my husband (Jeffrey) suffered physical injury with a “Concussion” and “Stalker-White Supremacist Terrorist” incurred a broken arm.

On a more positive note, I want to publicly thank and acknowledge the following:

1.     Lancaster Sheriff’s (compassionate Dispatcher);
2.     Lancaster Deputy Sheriff’s (at least 5 squad cars);
3.     Fire Department (2 Fire Trucks and ambulance);
4.     Garrison Family Medical Group (Urgent Care);  
5.     Witness bystanders; and
6.     Antelope Valley Hospital

A bigger thank you goes out to Antelope Valley Hospital ER! 

The Antelope Valley Hospital ER Team, showed such professionalism, compassion and gentleness towards my husband.   

Remember, many of us forget, that the medical staff work long hours at Antelope Valley Hospital and are under a great deal of pressure on a daily basis.

I praise GOD and thank GOD, for the Antelope Valley ER Team and other medical staff who provided awesome medical treatment to my husband.

For all the reasons mentioned above, I felt compelled to express what happened to me, my husband and express my gratitude, especially with Antelope Valley Hospital and its ER division!   Antelope Valley Hospital gets a 5 Star (excellent) rating from me!

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Monday, December 11, 2017


#Poll Question -
Should Alex Kozinski, Judge with the Federal U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, have his attorney’s license revoked (disbarred) from the State Bar of California, because six women are now alleging courthouse sexual harassment by Judge Kozinski?   

See Reference Source in Associated Press at:

Other Reference Sources: Judge admits "naked women on all fours painted to look like depicting women as cows, woman is seen shaving her pubic hair, including images of masturbation, public sex and contortionist sex, photos of women's crotches...defecation and urination"... See in

Kozinski admonished in 2009 for "for being "judicially imprudent" and "exhibiting poor judgment" by placing sexually explicit photos and videos on an Internet server that could be accessed by the public."...

Thank you in advance for participating with the above Poll. 

Remember send your answer of either (yes or no) and thoughts, that Kozinski should have his attorney's license revoked (disbarred) from practicing law due to alleged courthouse sexual harassment's in the work place among other issues to:

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Make America Great Again - Remove Arizona's "Fake Judge"

Make America Great Again, remove Arizona  Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE" William J. O'Neil, from the bench!


1).  Fake Arizona Supreme Court Judge O'Neil from years 2011 through April 2016, did not have a valid "Oath of Office;"

2).   Fake Arizona Supreme Court Judge O'Neil did not even sign his own "Oath of Office." See attachment copy of O'Neil's claimed "Oath," and do you agree with me, that "FAKE AZ SUPREME COURT JUDGE" O'Neil did not even sign his own Oath?

Now if you want to see what a real "Oath of Office" is suppose to look like, scroll to the bottom of this page. 

3).  Arizona Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE" O'Neil is committing acts of deception and false personation as a Supreme Court Judge;

4).  Arizona Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE" O'Neil has prosecuted numerous cases and his Judgment Orders, have been affixed with fraudulent signatures purported to be Judge O'Neil's, when in fact the signatures affixed are not O'Neil's genuine handwritten signature; and

5).  Arizona Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE"O'Neil has admitted he does not comply with civil or criminal proceedings when prosecuting a person[s].

What makes Arizona Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE" O'Neil believe he can sit on the Arizona Supreme Court bench, without having a valid Oath of Office and impersonate being a Supreme Court justice?   

Since Arizona Supreme Court "FAKE JUDGE" O'Neil does not have a valid Oath of Office, O'Neil is defiant in making any constitutional promises to support or uphold the Federal U.S. Constitution or Arizona State Constitution when prosecuting persons!


"FAKE JUDGE" O'Neil your time is up and Citizens are now banding together in demanding you be removed from the Arizona Supreme Court bench.
Take Action - Call 1-800-497-4399 to become a Witness in removing "FAKE JUDGE" William J. O'Neil off the bench and please share this vital report.

References - 

Here is what a real "Oath of Office" looks like from a real Arizona Supreme Court Judge!


Sunday, August 27, 2017


"FAKE JUDGE" exposed by Jeffrey D. Moffatt.

Moffatt filed civil suit against the State of Arizona, State Bar of Arizona....for their "FAKE JUDGE."...

Click on below Link to read more:

ACTION NEEDED FROM TRUE AMERICANS:  If you define yourself as a True American, than I am speaking only to you. 

I am asking every one of you to forward this (PSA) by text, email or re-post to a minimum of 10 people and ask that they do the same. 
Remember we as “True Americans” resist “FAKE JUDGES.”

Conclusion – One way to restore America is to remove “FAKE JUDGES” that have plagued our judicial systems throughout America.

Let’s start with demanding the removal of Arizona’s State Supreme Court “FAKE JUDGE” William J. O’Neil. 

One “FAKE JUDGE,” is one too many.  

One “FAKE JUDGE,” destroys equal justice democracy for all~