Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sex in Arizona Bar


By: Star Moffatt,
Star Moffatt, Spokesperson
PUBLISHED: April 19, 2017


Did you know the State Bar of Arizona allows  Arizona Attorneys and Arizona Judges, whom are both  members of the AZ Bar, to pursue mentally vulnerable  persons for their own sexual gratifications, through the excuse of "consensual sex?" 

This is a system setup by the AZ Bar, through its own policy Ethical Rule 1.8(j), which protects those in power and control, while condoning  sexual assaults, sexual harassment's and/or sexual trafficking, against voiceless victims;

The same vulnerable voiceless victims, whom often times are suffering from mental or financial issues and are not able to afford most attorneys themselves; and

The same vulnerable voiceless victims, whom feel they have nowhere to turn for judicial help, when being sexually harassed or sexually assaulted by persons in power and control, gone publicly corrupt!     

Final question: If an attorney or judge is allowed to have sex with client[s] and other persons, then should an attorney or judge lose his or her professional occupational attorneys license in asking for a "selfie-nude" photo?

State Bar of Arizona:
Ethical Rule 1.8(j) reads:  "A lawyer shall not have sexual relations with a client unless a consensual sexual relationship existed between them when the client-lawyer relationship commenced."

Reference Source:

Now look at the position the "California Bar" has taken to "ban" ..."sex between lawyers and their clients.  See Reference Source by Associated Press:   


  1. I guess it only reference's touchy Feely not like to likey to lookey. How is it that looking at sexualy explicit picts. Can be a sexual crime but requesting sexual explicit photos. does not infer a sexual relationship.