Wednesday, November 2, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Cyber Hackers - "Rise of the Voting Hackers" - Los Angeles County, Voting Machines can they be Hacked?


Rise of the "Hackers" who hack your Vote!
–“Silent Killer of Voting Democracy”
Updated:  11/4/2020

                     Do you think Los Angeles County Voting Machines can be hacked?
                     Did you know,  “Throughout California, many counties are using voting systems that are at or near their life expectancy,” ... 

                Well according to the Los Angeles Times “...Earlier touch-screen voting systems ....potentially vulnerable to tampering by hackers"... He hopes to roll out the new system on a limited basis for early voting in the 2018 election, and to convert completely by 2020, said by Logan.

Los Angeles County Registrar is spending $15 million to update their Voting Machines and new Voting Machines are not expected to fully roll out until year, 2020.

Los Angeles County Voting Machines, “potentially vulnerable to tampering by hackers," now ask yourself as a True American Citizen, do you think our Nation, State and County are at security risk, with Voting Hackers due to Los Angeles County's outdated voting machines.

       Now after learning about Los Angeles County's outdated (antiquated) Voting Machines…"potentially vulnerable to tampering by hackers"...are you still motivated to vote on November 8, 2016?

       We are only asking for your point of view, on this issue, because in our opinion the voting system within LA County definitely appears to be compromising the integrity of our voting democracy system.

Obama has gone on the record with saying, during his year 2008 campaign "Well, I tell you what -- it helps in Ohio that we've got Democrats in charge of the machines," Obama said during a September 2008 campaign stop to applause. "Um, but look, I come from Chicago, so I want to be honest, it's not as if it's just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections.  Sometimes Democrats have too. You know, whenever people are in power, you know, they have this tendency to try to tilt things in their direction." See Sources:  

Take a look at the State of Texas, just recently they decided to  issue "Emergency Paper Ballots" in order to restore honesty, integrity and #transparency for  2016 General Election #Voting? See source:

  Remember not my words, however the County's admission that its Voting Machines are  outdated, “potentially vulnerable to tampering by #Hackers," and hopes to roll out the new system 2020 was said by county representative Logan. 
    Do something different, make a simple telephone call to the Los Angeles County Registrar, and ask what Emergency Corrective Action Plan does  the County have in place now, to prevent flipping from your choice of candidates,  during upcoming Presidential General Election Days: November 8, 2016/2020 & November 3, 2020.

       The above has been brought to you as education and public awareness - Rise of the "Hackers" who hack your Vote.  
Previously published: 11/2/2016, 9:02pm

By:  Jeffrey & Star Moffatt
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