Friday, October 9, 2020

"Noose" Hanging on our Property during the 21st Century


Dear Family, Friends & IOWA Wrestling Alumni Friends


I want to thank each of you so much for your outwardly community Luv and support on a horrific issue of “Noose,” hanging on our Property, yesterday October 8, 2020, Thursday!


Being an interracial couple the “Noose” is a symbol of hatred, racism with someone trying to send a message of intimidation and not knowing we don’t intimidate easily.    


However, the “Noose,” hanging reminds me of the battles and struggles my own family has gone through while living and growing up in Tuskegee, Alabama, need I say more.


Thus, we are pushing past the mental shock of actually seeing a “Noose” being hung on our property and will not let this horrific incident intimidate or divide us from you!   


Since many of you being our friends are of different races, we have been taught in fact to Luv you, because we are all of one Human Race and color blinded.


Truly, the mental pain and suffering, my eyes have witnessed with hanging of a “Noose,” on our property I must set aside.  Because, I must place one foot at a time, into the historic “shoes of injustices,” that many of my ancestors and others have faced, by way of actual “Noose,” execution lynch hangings, which were prompted by racism and hatred...  


Now can you imagine for a moment what was going on inside the minds of my ancestors and others before facing a “Noose,” hanging execution?  Therefore, I must not complain about my temporary mental suffering of pain, because I am now older, wiser with skin, that has become Teflon skin.    


My ancestors and surviving family members expect me to push past the mental pain, because they (my ancestors) already paid the price with losing their own lives, by “Noose,” hanging executions related to ignorance, racism and hatred.    


They (my ancestors) paid the price for my families’ freedoms and opportunities, today.  And if we were not to forgive, then my family would be stuck in time and not be blessed with pushing forward with progress and success.  


As such, I too must forgive whoever did the “Noose” hanging on our property, yesterday.


On another note, I am beyond elated my husband (Jeffrey D. Moffatt), had enough confidence to reach out to you all for suggestions and help.


Your suggestions have helped Jeff, not get mentally pushed to the other side, defending me and his family against whoever hung the “Noose,” on our property and then become a vigilante ending up in some corporate private prison.   


True the shock of just seeing a “Noose,” hanging on our own property was upsetting to my beloved husband as well.  Yet, honestly, we are still trying to mentally recover from the shock of seeing such!  And in all honesty, I cried and asked myself why, did something like this happen to me and my family? 


And then my answer: we must take the “Noose,” hanging as a compliment, that we are doing something right or the Devil and his Minions, would not fear us; and as such we are NOT intimidated! 


More importantly, for each of you that have made caring comments and outwardly support on Facebook, by text or telephoned us, your support has definitely helped us push past the mental pain. My above words uttered really don’t express enough gratitude for each of you!


Now let me finally end with saying, whoever did the “Noose” hanging on our property, I must forgive, so that the mental pain does not continue taking space in my head, since one does not  answer before my beloved husband or me.   


However, surely the person[s] who did the “Noose,” hanging on our property, they too will have to answer before a higher power and to me a higher power meaning GOD almighty!   I must let go and let GOD, because in the end, GOD will have his vengeance on his time, not yours, mine or ours.


We Luv you!   You too be blessed, safe and sound!  Do know GOD and the Angels, encamp around us on a daily basis, otherwise I do not know how we could continue to push forward with the many trials and tribulations that seem to always come our way.


Keep lifting us up in your prayers and we will do the same for you, because GOD insists we stay united with you, rather than divided!


Much regards! 



P.S. The abovementioned “Noose” hanging incident, prompted by ignorance, hatred and racism will definitely become a chapter in our upcoming book to be released on or before next fall, 2021.